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Teeth Whitening has become increasingly popular over the years with a substantial increase in whitening options becoming available. Before a patient embarks on any Teeth Whitening program they need to consider the following questions –

Is the person carrying out the procedure trained, registered and importantly insured to whiten teeth?

What are the risks and side effects. Is the person carrying out the procedure trained to deal with and treat any side effects?

What can be done with stained veneers, crowns or dentures to make sure that they match your natural teeth following teeth whitening.

The General Dental Council believe that teeth whitening is part of the practice of dentistry and dentistry must only be carried by a dental professional who is registered with the GDC.

At the Great Northern Road Dental Clicic, the surgeons will assess the patients oral condition to determine whether they are suitable for this treatment.

The products used have been tested and approved by the American F.D.A.

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